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Join our award-winning sales team!

Would You Like More Money? Sick of the franchisor taking 50% of your hard earnt sales commission? We may just be the company for you.

Allow us to try and add some instant clarity regarding your future in real estate sales with Redmond Realty:

  1. Commission: are you happy handing over to your boss a large % of your commission or would you prefer to have the security of knowing that for every property you settle you only pay a small percentage to Redmond Realty?
  2. Agent service: Selling properties is a hard task, at Redmond Realty, we have a virtual team working for you around the clock. Are you snowed under with selling agency agreements and offer and acceptance paperwork? Simply scan and email a full readable copy to Redmond Realty and we do the rest! Simple! Giving you more time to focus on what you’re good at, listing and selling properties. We do not charge any desk fees, franchise fees, upload fees or admin fees!
  3. Appreciation: Do you really enjoy that 3 second applause from colleagues and that pat on the back from the boss at weekly sales meetings for all your hard work? Or would you like something a bit more concrete with one-on-one sales training, monthly catchups, and virtual meetings to assist you with prospecting and sales from one of Perth’s top selling agents?
  4. Assurance: Redmond Realty commenced in January 2018 and since then our company brand has grown from strength to strength in Perth’s real estate market and we do not plan on changing our business model anytime soon. Our system works, no franchise fees, no crazy overheads meaning we can pay you more – what you deserve!

YOU have the power to change because YOU now can get agency support like you’ve never known it before and get paid commissions like never before.

Let’s revisit what you get with Redmond Realty:

  • A company that is the #1 Real estate agency in Burns Beach WA RMA Award
  • Fabulous earning capacity where you pay only a small, agreed split on every settled property regardless of what the gross commission is, we also pay you the day after settlement occurs (pending funds have cleared)!
  • No desk fees and no hidden charges
  • The support of a free sales administration team, which gives you more time to focus on doing what is important to you. Full time hands-on licensee assisting you with any problems you may have
  • The flexibility to work as much or as little as you want and set your own KPIs
  • State of the art administration systems that allow you to track in real time where your properties are at in terms of all contractual milestones along with contract reminders
  • Access to ALL industry property marketing tools
  • Access to ALL industry & technology memberships e.g., RPData, Docusign, REI Live forms & Eagle software
  • The ability to work in a company that LISTENS and ACTS upon your suggestions for improvement
  • Work from home full-time, giving you more work/live balance and flexibility
  • A company that sees the Consultant as its customer and family: we keep you happy with our support and reward so that you can keep your customers happy with your listing and selling skills!

Redmond Realty consultants will tell you it’s true!

It’s YOUR career. YOU have the power to take it to the next level and take home what you truly deserve.


For a confidential discussion please contact Redmond Howe or email your resume to [email protected]

We look forward to hearing from you.